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There are a number of factors that can affect the ranking of a website in search engine results, and one of those is the age of the domain. A website with an older domain is generally seen as more trustworthy and authoritative than a newer one, and as a result, may rank higher.

If you're interested in checking the age of a domain, there are a number of online tools that can help. Domain Age Checker is one such tool, and it's free to use. To find the age of a website, just enter the URL of the site in question, and the tool will tell you how old it is.

While the age of a domain is just one factor that can affect search engine rankings, it's still an important one. If you're working on improving the ranking of your website, checking the age of your domain is a good place to start.



In simple phrases, “Domain Age” refers to the quantity of time throughout which a site name has existed. 

So as an example, if a domain name was registered in 2010, the domain age might be 10 years with the aid of 2020.

And what is a domain name? It is the URL of a website, just as Gotseotools.Com. That is, the cope with with which Internet users can get entry to your website.



Domain Age Checker is a device we built mostly for the motive of checking the age of any domain call on the Internet.

This is via far the most effective area age checking tool you will locate on the internet due to the fact it's miles loaded with critical domain call checking capabilities.

Normally, different area age checkers just display you the age of the area mainly in years.

But Domain Age Checker with the aid of Gotseotools is lots more sophisticated.

Our domain tool shows you, no longer just the age of your area call, but additionally the precise time, day, month, and yr the area name changed into created.

But this is not all:

Our domain age checker additionally does the magic of showing you even greater details about your area name, which include:

  • The date the area become last up to date on
  • The domain expiration date
  • IP cope with (the IP cope with will tell you who is presently website hosting the internet site and the form of IP cope with it has)
  • Name servers attached to the area name
  • Way backlink for checking the records of the domain name in Archive.Org, consisting of past designs, layouts, contents, and so on.
  • Registrar of the domain call.

This means the tool no longer best function your domain age checker, however additionally as:

  • Domain expiry date checker
  • Domain IP cope with checker
  • Web host checker
  • Domain name server checker
  • Domain registrar checker

With the ones % of capabilities, you can handiest agree that this isn't your average domain age checker, but a complicated domain name analyzer.

Oh, and did we mention that you get all of this for $0. Yes, completely FREE. No hidden prices, no month-to-month charges. In reality, you may even use it without prior registration.